Prostate Massage

NEWS FLASH!< Its been PROVEN that prostate massage WILL lessen your chances of getting prostate cancer in later years. Click HERE to see the article published on the internet on July 16,2003. THEN< read on, and make your appt.

The Prostate Accupressure procedure is normally used when your prostate is stroked during a digital rectal exam wearing a rubber glove. Sometimes the Acupressure may take longer because the object is to free the gland of congestion that may lead to prostate problems such as bacterial blockage which can lead to prostatitis, cancer and other problems including sexual dysfunction. The procedure is not only safe, but very healthy. Traditional Dr's typically will not do the procedure as it involves inserting fingers in to the rectum and massaging the base of the penis where the prostate is located. The procedure is very pleasurable and borders on being homo erotic, and can lead to an explosive orgasm which is not something a straight Dr wants to do to his straight patients, so he will do surgery or perscribe medication instead. Having this procedure done on a regular basis will reverse disease, increase erection strength and allow urine to flow normally again. You do not have to have an inflammed prostate to benefit from the procedure


What and where is the prostate?

The prostate is part of the male SEXUAL ANATOMY. It's a walnut sized gland which surrounds the urethra (the "tube" that carries urine from the bladder to the penis).

The PROSTATE is located approximately 2 INCHES inward from the anus


No, it does not! As a matter of fact, it can be EXTREMELY ENJOYABLE if done from someone who is trained and experienced in prostate massage

MEN in general like having their prostate massaged. It can be some, or ALL of the pleasure of anal intercourse!

How is it done?

It is very important that the person getting the prostate massage be totally relaxed and WILLING to have it done. That's why most men do not enjoy their prostate exam at the doctor's office. They are nervous to start with which causes the the experience to be annoying and sometimes even painful.

In my case it's ANOTHER STORY!

I make sure you are totally relaxed at first. I start by giving you a FULL BODY sensual and EROTIC rubdown from my Body Electric training. Lots of touching, rubbing and pressing... I stimulate EVERY INCH of your body, constantly teasing your butthole, preparing it for "IT".

Then with surgical gloves on, and a good amount of anal -lube using one finger.... then TWO. I slowly penetrate your hole looking for that spot of ULTIMATE PLEASURE- your prostate!

Your body will let me know when I have found it!

You'll shiver with a tremendous sensation of pleasure... and your erection will let me know I have reached my destination!!!!

Your rollercoaster ride is NOW about to begin!!!!

Once I am there, I'll poke it, probe it, press on it, massage it, and with each and every movement your whole body the stimulation of TOTAL PLEASURE!!!

Through that, plus my very special attention to your throbbing rock hard "man pole" I WILL bring you to one of the most EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS EVER!!!!

So how do I get one of these sessions?

I try to work by appointments as I do stay busy as you can imagine. You can call me at (510) 437-1999 and book YOUR Butt-prostate session today

My working hours are from 10am -9pm 7 days a week.

And the cost for this incredible session?

This sort of session requires at least an hour, sometimes as long as 90 minutes with me and the cost is incredibly only $80!!! Compare this to what escorts charge for probably less attention to your prostate and I think you will agree that this is the best way to go towards fulfilling YOUR needs.

So what are you waiting for? CAll me today to set up YOUR appointment I guarantee your complete satisfaction!

I can be reached by calling 510 437-1999 anytime from 10am till 9pm daily.


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